The general aim of this project is to build skills for future construction actors, higher education students now, so that they may become drivers of change for the construction sector towards a sustainable construction model that uses natural and recycled materials, reducing the environmental impact and thus meeting the objectives of EU directives and member countries’ plans.

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About the project

So, the main project objective goes totally in line with the horizontal priority “Environment and fight against climate change”. Apart from the academic training, all throughout the project, raising awareness recommendations will be given to project participants: eco-tips for a more sustainable lifestyle, and sustainable options for travel whenever possible.

Moreover, this project envisages two main project results:

Development of contents and the educational program of one course on sustainable building and Construction and Demotion (C & D) waste management, based on joint case studies carried out by students from different universities collaborating together.

Development of a web app that calculates and show two possible future scenarios in the construction sector of several countries. The first scenario corresponds to the situation without improving the building model, and in the second scenario when the improvement occurs. The application will show results about use of energy, waste production and greenhouse gas emissions in the two scenarios. The application will obtain data from studies on growth trends in the construction activity, from databases of construction products and from studies about material and product lifecycle analysis LCA. Students’ digital skills will improve due to the BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology and Open LCA (life cycle assessment) software used along the project, as well as the different platforms to interact with each other: to meet on-line, share documents, etc. Finally, this project will pay a lot of attention to students with fewer opportunities, offering them the possibility of taking part in a physical training activity in Spain, as a starting point for the development of the case studies.

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